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Prince ArThor as The Blue Oracle, and a host of character performers, carry the audience through a verbal and visual parallel reality. Currently based in San Francisco, California, Drop of Destiny is compelling and transformative when performed as a monologue of nine orations, and epic when experienced as the full cast stage performance. The evolving Drop of Destiny project is passionate about the process of involving as many creative people as possible to participate in the various show experiences.


Drop Of Destiny Oration # 8

[from Act IV - Air],  performed in Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland by Prince ArThor, October 2022.

Executive Producer

Prince ArThor - "My stranger than fiction, globe-trotting life, has done many things, but my favorite is that it has simply left me breathless with a love for humanity. While looking for my breath I somehow, against all odds, created these poetic visionary, scripted words that give many a sense of being uplifted by their own humanity. I devote my life towards writing, and performing this evolving, immersive experience. After one of my performances as my signature character 'The Oracle' in Ireland at an international conference where I had recited the nine orations, a scholar stated, "That's the story of me!"

Prince ArThor has lived and worked in Nigeria, Germany, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, England, Mexico, and several parts of The United States.  Your friend is also a skilled Surgical Technologist. His dance, narrator, and acting roles include working with The San Francisco Opera, The Avalon Shakespeare Players, TribalFest, Isis Oasis, and Grace Cathedral, as well as street art activism. 

Drop of Destiny logo art by Dahna Koth



Costume Designer

Kenyetta Todd is the designer for The Blue Oracle. 

Dangerous Dollie Designs is her home for fashion, burlesque, and cosplay designs.



Drop of Destiny's iconic Blue Oracle was a guest performer at

Grace Cathedral with DANCE-A-VISION September 2023. 


Producer, Editor, Marketing & Tour Director - Katherine Goldsby has a lengthy resume of experience in providing the best image and care for her ensemble. She is the designer of this website and responds to your Contact messages. She has created the poster art and storyboard imagery for various aspects of the Drop of Destiny projects. This includes a music, dance, and spoken word stage production, the feature films, books, immersive experience, video game, and related merchandise. She is Prince ArThor's direct assistant regarding personal appearances

Conference Director - Dr. Keith Francis helps clients to plan and organize large-scale events, conferences, conventions, and exhibitions for all types of businesses. Prince ArThor was a performing guest as The Blue Oracle at the Sermon Studies Conference in September 2019, a scholarly conference held in Ireland. Unfortunately, the South African event performances of

Drop of Destiny were postponed due to the global pandemic. Their team has organized events in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Israel, with suppliers, vendors, and event organizers on all five continents. 


Financial Director - Monica Moura is well known for providing the most professional financial security for her clients. Her degree in Communications from Sonoma State brings added charm to your theatrical contract negotiations.


Empowering you to embrace your own magical blooming.

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