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Executive Creative Director

Prince ArThor

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Artistic Director

Moria Chappell has first hand exposure to the lands and people of the pockets of the Earth that still hold ancient dances intact, her research is unique, genuine, and authentic. She travels the globe performing, teaching, researching and creating an array of fusion dance and performance art.

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Music Director

Jarek Tatarek

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Costume Director

Kenyetta Todd

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Marketing & Tour Director

Katherine Goldsby has a lengthy resume of experience providing the best image and care for her ensemble. She will soon be seeking an assistant.

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Financial Director

Monica Moura is well known for providing the most professional financial security for her clients. Her degree in Communications from Sonoma State brings an added charm to theatrical contract negotiations. 

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Film Director

Steve Goldsby has done everything from superheroes to talk shows. With his industry strengths in motion design, editorial and leadership; Steve has built and entrusted his squad to take on all projects no matter how big or small.

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